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Texas Floor Source intimately knows the ins and outs of new construction and residential replacement. Our ownership has a long history of providing incredible service to a variety of Dallas Fort Worth builders. But, we donʼt do business with just any customer; we look for customers that want honest, open relationships - and appreciate doing business with a high degree of integrity.

Experience has taught us that our builders want low prices, superior service that goes well past the sale, accurate billing, and the financial strength to support multiple subdivisions, while our remodel clients look for many of the same services as well as design capabilities and the control of allowances in order to be successful. At Texas Floor Source, we understand these needs and have designed our approach to exceed those expectations and make their job easier.

How do we do it? First, we service your floor covering program, not ours. Whatever you decide is the program that works best for your company is the one we support. Texas Floor Source doesnʼt push large box programs on our customers. We believe that serving your interests is our best interest. We also keep our low overhead, which allows us to offer prices that are below market. In addition, we offer front line design services with all of the latest styles and colors from trained professionals. There are companies that offer the same services but no one can do it for the prices we offer. No matter how big or small the job is, we treat you with respect and honesty.

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