Texas Floor Source

Texas Floor Source -
A diverse company providing a wealth of flooring experience in residential, multi-family and commercial markets since 2009. Our ownership has a long history of providing incredible service to multiple builders across the state. We see our customers as partners and operate with the highest degree of integrity to offer you superior service and quality installations at competitive pricing.

Scheduling System

When it comes to the flooring portion of building a home, we put our customers' needs first. We provide an online scheduling system for the home builders in order to schedule flooring based on their close date timeline. The scheduling system allows for vital data, such as diagrams and selection sheets to be uploaded directly. Our customer service team takes this information to serve you timely and accurately. The system was created to improve organization, time management, and ease of use. It has yet to be anything less!

Design Center Capabilities

Above and beyond flooring, we provide design servies for every home buyer to truly feel at home.

Our goal is to make decisions easier and more efficient in any way we can. The technology tools we provide improve communication between the home builder and the home buyer and make for a smooth, enjoyable process. Please contact us for more details!


The "Texas" in Texas Floor Source was chosen because we operate in markets throughout the entire state. Our headquarters is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, with offices servicing in Austin and San Antonio. Here at Texas Floor Source we strive to be diversified and flexible while keeping extremely low overhead.

Servicing North Texas, Austin and San Antonio.

We capitalize on our advanced scheduling software and design center capabilities so you can have confidence in the bid you receive. We keep a promise of competitive pricing, superior service and the financial strength to support your needs. Texas Floor Source has you covered.